The Witches of Harajuka

I obviously had too much free time at work today, and am excited about finally seeing Harry Potter this weekend (I had put it off until now, both because I didn't really have time until the end of term and because I have a free movie pass that is only good after a movie has been out ten days or more).  The result was me thinking to much about what it would look like if various characters decided to follow a form of Harajuka fashion.

Luna Lovegood would obviously follow Fairy Kei (and/or Pop Kei as I am not at all clear what the difference is and couldn't find any handy guide)

Luna does Fairy Kei

Obviously Luna is a My Little Ponies fan.  I imagine the crazy, hideous but Luna can totally work it, cardigan thing having been made for her by Hermione, because girlfriend does love her some bobble-knitting.  I am also way too excited to have found Ravenclaw Chuck Taylors.

Bellatrix Lestrange, is basically a goth style icon at this point (of course how much of that is due to being played by Helena Bonham Carter in the movies....), so my first thought was of course Elegant Gothic Aristocrat, but she's a little more off-kilter so I thought I would try something a little more Ero lolita style, of course, also gothic:


Bellatrix by Sabayon featuring peep toe pumps

The skirt would have to be cinched up all around to give it a crazy-uneven bell shape.  I also seem to have developed a minor obsession with Bloodmilk jewelry.

I tried to make a Punk lolita co-ordinate for McGonagall, on account of the tartan, but it wasn't happening.  Instead, please enjoy this kitten, named Professor McGonagall:

In other news: I have purple hair.  I was bored with my medium auburn and have a few more months before I will be (hopefully) going on interviews, so if it had ended up on the wrong side of the line between creative professional/weird kid it would have enough time to fade out.  I think it is on the right side of that line, and my pretty conservative co-worker didn't bat an eyelash when I came in which is a good sign.  What do y'all think?  It is a little darker/more muted than these photos.



KID, MD said...

Professor McGonagall is adorable and I love the hair. Who doesn't love purple hair anyway?

Sabayon said...

Thanks! I am not sure who doesn't like purple hair, but I am willing to acknowledge that I may be out of touch with what is considered acceptable in polite society, such as it is.

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

OMG cute kitten is cute!!! And yes, everyone loves purple hair. Excellent choice! It looks great on you.

Anonymous said...

I love the purple. It looks great.

The title of this post reminded me of this video (it picks up at 2:06.)

Sabayon said...

Victorian Kitty - Ah, thanks so much. I am definitely feeling more confident about the color choice.

Siouxsie - Bwahhaha, that video is hilarious and surreal. I always wonder with those sorts of things if it would all make sense if I knew Japanese (or whatever, if you want some real triumphs of surrealism old Soviet children's cartoons are a good source) if it would seem so sensible, but I kind of doubt it.

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