OOTD: Go-to Dress

but what is up with my posture in this picture? no idea
I recently realized just how much mileage I was getting out of this dress.  I have been wearing it at least every other week this summer. I started to think about what makes an outfit or item very wearable. I think the keys are ease of wear, adaptability, and style. In this case, the dress is extremely comfortable, 100% cotton with a high-thread count, making it perfect for hot weather and not too prone to wrinkling.  I can accessorize in a few different ways, or wear it alone if I am pressed for time (and it takes about 15 seconds to get on).  It is kind of quirky and interesting, but not so much that it isn't work-appropriate. I also always get compliments on it, and I am basically a narcissist. So what about you dear readers, what qualities make an item re-wearable for you? Is there anything in your closet that seems to be in constant rotation?

In other news, I finally bought a flat-iron for my bangs.  I don't heat style the rest of my hair because I am growing it out and really did enough to it in the great-bleach-un-henna-ing of ought-nine.  I cut my bangs only about a month ago and discovered that wavy hair does some odd things at only a few inches long.  Straightening tricks that work for the length of my hair were giving me a Shaun Cassidy flip.  It is so worth ironing that out. 
My camera fell off it's stack of books and snapped this picture.
I kind of like it.


Tenebris In Lux said...

Yay for comfortable clothing and accidental shots! :-D

I like clothing that can be flexible. Unlike heavy velvets or heavy turtlenecks, I like simple cotton long-sleeved shirts that can be rolled up shorter.

I must add that your makeup looks delicious!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Adaptability, quality, and Gothiness for me! :-D I keep going back to my two tiered maxi skirts (one mesh, one lace). I'm not afraid to admit that I put comfort lower on the list when it comes to choosing my favorite pieces, but I do love it when I find something that has all the above qualities AND is comfortable! You have succeeded with this adorable dress.

And your hair is GORGEOUS!!

Anonymous said...

I am a repeat offender. No matter what is in my closet, I tend to find a few favorite things each season and wear them to death. I tend to lean towards items that are comfortable and easy to change up.

The dress is adorable.

Sabayon said...

Tenebris -- Yes I love flexibility. It's always nice (not to mention economical) to have something in your wardrobe that can fill a lot of different needs.

Victorian Kitty -- I am not that concerned about comfort in most respects, but am a complete wuss about the heat, so I tend to really only care about it in summer.

Siouxsie -- You say "repeat offender", I say "resourceful".

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