OOTD: Girl vs. Summer

I hate summer.  There I said it.  I hate pretty much everything about summer: the heat, the humidity, the sun (my mortal enemy) being out a disproportional amount of the day, the sunbathers and how they trigger these profound school-marmish tendencies that makes me want to scold them for not using sunscreen and say things like "oh sure a tan may look cute now but wait until you're a wizened old hag at 40".   I just want Fall to came already so I can wear a cardigan and walk home in the still of twilight and occasionally wake up to find a dew-covered spiderweb outside my window (prettiest thing in nature).  I knew I had hit the apex of my summer hatred (so I really will get less whiny from here on out) the other day when I cast-on a heavy woolen cape.  Much like my pagan ancestors lit candles against the darkness of mid-winter as a reminder that summer would come, I knit woolens as a reminder that summer will end and actually it gets quite cold here.

However, as much as I hate summer, I do occasionally manage to please myself with an appropriately summery outfit that almost seems to make this whole nasty business seem worth something.  This skirt is made of light cotton and is long enough to skip tights or socks but still breezy. The belt thing is honestly kind of a pain to keep straight and not wonky looking, but has sparkly spiderwebs (like the real kind with dew!), organza ribbon, and corset-lacing and I am a total sucker for that sort of thing.  I also have my parrot ring, which I swear only fits the middle finger, but that kind of suits my attitude towards this whole summer business.

Cami, Skirt, and Ring: Torrid
Watch pendant: Random etsy shop
Belt: Creations by Angelina
Parasol: Greatlookz through Amazon


Sal Kaye said...

This outfit looks perfect for summer!
Watch pendant - it's that what it's called? I love those! I have two myself.

Unfortunately, to me, there's not much beauty in a Northern German fall or winter (well, some, to be honest, but not much). Actually, I have to be careful not to fall into depression each November.

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Very cute outfit! The "belt thing" is so adorable, and I love your accessory choices. I'm not a huge fan of summer either, at least not when it gets over 100 (which is does in my area for at least a month each year!). I'm definitely a spring/fall girl.

Sabayon said...

Sal - Yes, I have to say, I spent a week in August in Hesse (which is even in the south) and I have to say that I could certainly get used to summer if it was like that here, but can see how winter would be more trying.

Victorian Kitty - Thanks! I have lived in a few places where it gets in the 100s (including Houston, where we also had exciting hurricane possibilities every summer), but the pattern of life in summer was so different. There I spent all day in air conditioning, scurrying from the car to a building and more than a few minutes outside seemed unbearable. Here, it is not that hot, but I walk everywhere so in some ways the heat is much more affecting. Still, I am perfectly content with it not getting that hot even if it would give me the excuse to take the bus ;)

Sarahbelle said...

Great outfit!! LOVE the belt-wrap-thingy!

Who takes your pictures of you? do you use a timer, or is there someone in your life whom I have not yet met???

It is, of course, blisteringly hot here!!!

Sabayon said...

I just use a timer.

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