OOTD: Day to Night if you are a nerd

Sunday I was seized by a demon urge to make a skirt, from this ridiculously creepy-cute fabric.  Possibly it had to do with all the work, not coming due too soon, I should have been doing, but mostly I had finished conceptualizing the skirt and once I have figured out how to do something I always have to do it.  I will be incapable of doing anything else, totally focused, until finished.  This is a trait that can be very helpful or very distracting, depending.  Anyway, I obviously had to wear this skirt to my stitch and bitch Wednesday night, but it's a bit much for work.  I have a pretty short period between getting home from work and leaving for the SnB, so I wanted something that would transition easily.
Stay on my head, mono!

I hope the details on the shirt (lace, pintucks, and the corset lacing which does not show up well in this photograph) keeps me from looking too much like a waitress at a fancy restaurant in this outfit, which is kind of the impression I get looking at pictures now.  Anyway, I paired the fancy blouse I wanted to wear with relatively simple black pants (one of my two pairs of pants, that have a tuxedo stripe of embossed velvet down the legs), eye makeup that was interesting enough to not be redone, but toned down lipstick.  I don't have any jewelry because I ran out of time getting dressed, but would have worn black pearls, single string.  I also wore plain black ballet flats.
To transition it: I added more interesting jewelry, exchanged the pants for black tights and the skirt, put on kitty-faced mary-janes, added burgundy lipstick, and grabbed my knitting bag.

Outfit details
Pants: Igigi, years ago and on clearance
Blouse: Milanoo
Tights + Necklace: Torrid
Earrings: handmade by a friend, Pike Brewing company bottle caps


VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

That fabric is adorable! I love what you've done with it. I think the blouse looks great with both the skirt and the pants. And if you do look waiter-ish, just know that waiters at fancy restaurants dress a heck of a lot better than most people. ;-D

I checked out the fabric link and now I am in love with the skull damask. If only I had more time and sewing patience...

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed. The skirt looks amazing. I can't stop staring at the print on the fabric. It makes knitting seem so spooky. Love it. The blouse looks great on you too -- love the neckline.

Sabayon said...

Thank you both so much!
I have indeed noticed an increase quite recently in the supply of very cute, or even elegant like the skull damask, gothy prints in the fabric store. I may have some new creations in the future .
Also, knitting is of course very spooky

Sal Kaye said...

I agree with Kitty and Siouxsie: both outfits look great! You did a fantastic job on the skirt! It looks amazing.

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