OOTD: Dressing Down a Bustle Skirt

You would scarcely believe how difficult a time I had finding a basic black lolita skirt.  Most everything had a print, or was in some way ornate-ish and I was looking for a staple piece.  Retroscope Fashions has one I lust after but it doesn't quite come in my size.  Last week, however, the late lamented American indie shop In the Starlight reopened the very same moment as I received a huge paycheck due to bunches of overtime which I had already planned on spending partially on new clothes.
I received my order shockingly quickly given that it was custom-sized (and actually pretty quickly in any case), and of course immediately wanted to wear my new skirt.  We had a day of unseasonably cool weather that pretty much sealed the deal.  Since this was a workday I wanted to make the outfit a little more casual, and I think this is down-right sporty....you know, in as much as an outfit with a ruffled bustle skirt can be sporty.
I dressed it down with a knit shirt, that is similar but definitely casual, and knee-socks, casual shoes, and more subdued jewlery.
I also wore my lighter petticoat, which I made a little while ago and is pretty lackluster in the poof department.  My mom also claims it looks like a "demonic tutu" but I think that is neither a bad thing nor relevant.
Yes, this is just here to amuse my mom

Outfit details:
Skirt: In The Starlight
In all my close up face pictures I am imagining being at
Afternoon tea seated next to Oscar Wilde, who is of course
saying something scandalous and entertaining.
Socks: Sock it To Me: Curvy
Shirt: I no longer have any idea, but probably not sold anymore anyway.
Shoes: T.U.K. through amazon
Earrings: Art of Adornment
Ring: Michael's Crafts
Necklaces: gift and community yard sale
A note: I do in fact regularly wear bloomers, when not wearing tights or leggings as they are marvelous practical for preventing chafing rashes.  Made out of light cotton they are not materially warming, but I think I will manufacture some flannel ones come fall.


Atelier Nao The League of Phantasmogoric Romancing said...

Ah, good old basics.

Sarahbelle said...

I am amused! thank you!

Overall, I like this outfit muchly, although I think the socks are little too -Wicked-Witch-of-the-West.

The skirt is great!!!

Sabayon said...

But that's what I was going for! I just need some red sequin pumps.

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