A Few Quickies

I don't really have time for a proper post, but I ran across a few things that I felt might be of interest to my lovely readers

Thing 1:

Odd as Fish; Fierce as Hell

I ran across this dress and this quote on the same day and couldn't help feeling they belong together.  So here is my homage to Maggie Smith (or possibly just Professor McGonagall) and all eccentric old ladies.

 Thing 2:
"darkness calls, understanding beckons -- will you enter" on the Slacktiverse
This article talks quite eloquently about the use of the darker side of life, and how one can learn many things by not shying away from its harder path.  The article is written from a pagan perspective, which is not my particular spiritual bent, but I felt it to be potentially inspiring, especially to those of us who embrace the darker side of life, regardless of religious affiliation or lack thereof.  It is also prettily written.
Excerpt: "Darkness, seen as Light’s opposite, thus equates with evil, as well as complexity, obfuscation, and incomprehensibility. I think there's more to the story. A large portion of the human brain is devoted to vision, which requires light. During daylight hours, we see what we focus on, which naturally seems to be what matters most. Come nighttime, we are at the mercy of what we smell, hear, feel, and taste (or what we don't perceive until it's too late). It's no wonder we tend to prefer conditions that play to our strengths. But darkness can teach us many things, including living with uncertainty, ambiguity, weakness, failure, and death. Darkness embraces all that we fear, including ourselves."


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