Fatspiration Friday: Study like a Scholar, Scholar

I've been a little preoccupied with a term paper, and I thought about how much I like paintings of women reading, so that's as good a theme as I am capable of.  Some of the searching for this was frankly depressing, and maybe one day when I have more time I will talk about how results for image searches using various terms and euphemisms for fat reveals deeply embedded prejudices in society, but today I need to write more about intangible heritage digitization projects, think hateful things about people who don't believe in global warming, and hope the power grid doesn't blow leaving me without air conditioning.  I live an exciting life.

Yeah, it's pretty much like this, or, exactly

Mary Cassatt -- Woman Reading in a Garden

Kuniyoshi -- Woman Reading 
Finally, the video that inspired the title, probably the best example of library marketing I have ever seen:

Does anyone else desperately want to know if the BYU library cafe* actually serves something called a celestial sandwich?

Update: After probably too much research I determined BYU library does not have a snack bar, but rather a "snack zone" where folks can bring their own. So: a) if you want a celestial sandwich you have to make it yourself and b) BYU gets all the potential damage to books and none of the over-priced, I don't know, hot chocolate revenue from a cafe.  Also no bad library puns.  At Pitt's main library we have the Cup and Chaucer, which is just ...terrible.

*Not that I approve of cafes in libraries. Won't someone please think of the books!?


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