Ode to a Lost Hat

A large part of my current millinery stash
When Victorian Kitty announced her theme for August would be hats and fascinators I knew exactly what I would do.  For one thing, I don't have bunches of hats, so there wasn't much competition.  With hats I really believe in buying quality, and, since my budget is limited, buying staples that can be used in a lot of different ways.  My wool felt top hat is a perfect example.  My mom gave it to me for my birthday ages ago, actually I was a college freshman at the time.  It's from Nordstroms, and is a basic black wool topper, slightly feminine with a inward rolling brim, and detachable felt piping and flowers, and this post was going to be about all the ways I use a supply of cheap millinery supplies to dramatically change it on a daily basis.  However, when I went to the get it from the hat box it was nowhere to be seen, along with my other main winter hat.  I dug through all my winter clothes, but nothing.  Luckily in this time of mourning I still have my grandma's funeral hat (which I really need to replace the netting on).
To a Hat
Oh hat, you were a good hat
Loyal and True
You kept the me warm and the snow off my head
Even  in the truly irrational winters of Western Pennsylvania
I can only hope you have passed this veil of tears
To the great habadasher in the sky

Or are shoved farther back in my closet
Actually that would be better.

I think I may understand why I never made it into my high school literary magazine.


VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Gorgeous vintage hat!!! If you figure out how to replace the netting, please share your secrets. I have a couple with torn veils and I bought some netting, but how to manipulate it into a graceful shape is a mystery to me. It just doesn't behave as I expect it to.

*Love* the blue lipstick, especially with the purple hair!

Anonymous said...

Oh honey! I hope you find your hats soon!!! This is such a gorgeous specimen.

Sabayon said...

Victorian Kitty - Hmmmm, I hadn't looked into it yet and had just assumed you sort of sewed the netting on top. Maybe it needs steaming? I will have to do more research.

Mary - Thanks! for the compliment and condolences. I suppose in the worst case if I never find it, that is a good excuse to do some hat shopping.

Sal Kaye said...

What a great hat!
But where could the other one have gone to?

Julianne said...

Your poem made me laugh. I hope you find your top hat.

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