Movie Monday/OOTD: House Pride

Fair Warning: The following post contains a fair measure of Harry Potter nerdery.  If that isn't your thing you may wish to move along to another corner of the internet (or just look at the pictures).
Which House?

Do you even have to ask?
Ravenclaw: The house valuing learning, intelligence, wit, sarcasm, and creativity, and the house of Luna Lovegood, who has radish earrings.

When I went to see Harry Potter last week and decided to dress up for the occasion and I've reserved this post for awhile to participate in Sal Kaye's Movie Monday (this coming Monday, but to be posted ahead of time).  I don't usually, but being the last one and all... I went with an understated form of dressing up (from a cosplay-type perpsective, I was of course horribly overdressed for a weekend matinee in a Suburban mall outside Pittsburgh), by basing my outfit around the Ravenclaw color's of blue and silver.  Of course I have to note that in the books the colors were blue and bronze and so debate rages.  On the one hand, you can kind of see where the costumer was coming from, blue and silver look much better than blue and bronze, but on the other hand most people who identify with Ravenclaw are exactly the sort of people that say things like "that wasn't how it was in the book!"* and obviously silver is one of Slytherin's colors and you can't have two houses with the same color.  That's anarchy.  However a) I was watching the movie, so, you know, and b) I don't really have much bronze stuff.

I think this movie was the best of the franchise, although I also really enjoyed the sixth one.  I couldn't escape the thought that by the seventh book JK Rowling was really writing for the movie.  All the others, I felt there was a lot of stuff left out or missing in the movies by comparison.  The final battle, however, in the books got a little confused and hard to follow and I thought translated much better in a visual medium.

Anyway, about the outfit: Sorry, I didn't get any good pictures.  I took them after getting home and it was such a hot day/long wait for the bus that I just wanted to chuck all my clothes and bury my head in a vat of iced tea immediately.
Funny story, I have a lack of blue clothes so, this is my bridesmaid dress, but hey, isn't the ability to wear it again some sort of bridesmaid holy grail.**  The shoes were also originally for bridesmaiding (from Land's End).  The silver tights came from places unknown years ago.  They fell into the very silly category of clothes I have that I never wear because I want to save them for ...something..apparently Harry Potter.

Most of the focus of my blue/silver theme was in makeup and my nails.  I am pretty terrible at doing my nails, but this swipe of silver was pretty easy to pull off despite my ineptitude.  I used silver eyeshadow in the inner corner, from the crease to brow bone, and along the lower lid, and midnight blue from below to just above the crease and navy eyeliner on the top lid and waterline. I learned another important thing from this movie: eyelash glue is really not at all waterproof and if you can get through the scene with Snape in the penseive without crying you probably have no soul.

Eyeshadow: Shany 120 palette
Nails: Petites in midnight blue and silver
Lips: Revlon Black Cherry
Earrings: Ten Thousand Villages
Necklace: gift, but I think it's ever so slightly reminiscent of the whomping willow

I'll leave you with this:

*I, incidentally, had something of an apoplectic fit of that-wasn't-how-it-was-in-the-book-ism when I saw the preview for The Invention of Hugo Cabret, but that's a discussion for another time.
**Which I just don't understand.  I spent a third of what I spent on my airplane tickets on the dress, and I sure can't use those again.  If you aren't willing to probably take a loss on the dress, don't agree to be a bridesmaid.


Sal Kaye said...

Great outfit! Great post! :)
Thank you so much for being part of Movie Monday!
You could probably stroll through Hogwarts' halls in this outfit and be confused for the new mythology (or any other subject) teacher.
I love blue and silver and both look great on you!

Please, please - a tutorial on how you did the nails! :)

Sabayon said...

Thanks so much! I think they should definitely hire me to teach mythology, or to replace the old librarian. No one likes her.

Anonymous said...

Love love love the nails. And the blue dress. It is the best bridesmaid dress I've ever seen.

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

I haven't seen most of the Harry Potter movies, but I can say that I love this dress. It is the perfect cut for elegance with a touch of comfort. Glad you broke out those silver tights for this theme: with the blue dress, the tights and the nails you definitely look like you are about to work some magic!!

I, too have a few pieces that I seem to be "saving" for who-knows-what perfect event. :)

Sabayon said...

Siouxsie - Thanks, and yes the bride was truly a great humanitarian.

VictorianKitty - Thank you, and I always think silver makeup gives a certain ethereal quality.

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