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Both in the lolita and goth blogging communities there are currently 30-day challenges floating around and, while they are too much for me to get to completing, I have really been enjoying reading other people's posts.  In both challenges there is a day for posting one's top ten favorite bands or songs which I have really gotten a lot out of.  I enjoy music but I know pretty much nothing about it.  I don't really know how to describe the kind of music I like and have no idea whatsoever how to follow what is going on in the music world.  The most tragic fall-out of this was missing when Rasputina had a concert in Pittsburgh at a reasonably priced venue.  Anyway, all of my music was therefore sort of stumbled upon and people's challenge lists have really benefited my stumbling, as it were, introducing me to artists or groups that I hadn't heard of.  I got so much out of it that I felt it was only right to contribute my own list (in no particular order).  I was getting bogged down with classical composers so I am planning on making a post on classical/symphonic music for goths, as I actually know a few things about that.

My music is a pretty even split between goth (mostly old school, dark cabaret, and ethereal, and yes I hate EBM/Industrial to the point where sometimes I think about clubbing then remember that Pittsburgh is a nearly exclusively industrial scene and that music makes me stabby), and non-goth but sort of related in a six degrees of Kevin Bacon sort of way (or rather, in mood).

1. Rasputina: is pretty much my favorite band.  I am a sucker for cello music and female vocalists, so they are an obvious winner.  Their music has really changed a lot over the years, yet I enjoy their older stuff as well as (but differently) than the newer music.  Of course I also love their Neo-Victorian fashion sense.

2. Amanda Palmer/Dresden Dolls: I liked Dresedn Doll's music but it was really always about Amanda Palmer's vocals.  She has a voice and stage presence that is intense and engaging and really never fails to pull me in.

3. Sabrina Chap: here is where I have absolutely no idea how to describe her music, except that to me it has a slightly burlesque.cabaret feel mixed with high musical quality and lyrics that always make me laugh.

4. The Decemberists: actually this group is really a mixed bag for me.  I find that I either really love their songs or absolutely hate them, and while I like more of their earlier stuff, I really love some songs from each album so there is really no consistency.  They rank as a favorite band because I love the ones I like enough to make me forgive the others. 

5. Dead Can Dance: I strongly prefer their early work to the newer albums, which sound mostly like generic tribal belly dance music to me (fine for it's purpose but not something I would just listen to), but their early work is really musically complex.

6. Azam Ali: I heard of her through my favorite album ever, "Where's Neil When you Need Him?" a Neil Gaiman tribute album (nerd alert), and only recently thought to look up her other work, which is all complex, dark, and ethereal, really the sort of music that you sink down into.

7. Apocalyptica: the band I will forever love for introducing me to the wonder of cello metal.  I don't like normal metal, just cello metal. 

8. Pink Martini: are an interesting mix of calypso, lounge, and what I am going to call Cole Porter for the 21rst century, and pleasantly dance-y.  This song though is the most elaborate-French-sterotype ever.  The verse is (roughly, very roughly): "I don't want to go to work.  I don't want to eat lunch.  I just want to forget...and then have a smoke".  Anyway, I giggled.

9. Emilie Autumn: well who doesn't like Emilie Autumn?  I think a quick survey of the goth challenge participants will prove that the answer is: nobody, that's who.  While I admit to enjoying her more for her presentation style, and her art, than her music, I still really enjoy her music.

10. Couer de Pirate: I first checked out this band strictly for the name (Pirate Heart), but stayed for the hauntingly beautiful vocals set against subtle accompaniment.

PS: If you are wanting to expand your music collection I can't recommend enough. They are half-priced iTunes, basically and heavily support independent and alternative artists as well as seeming to genuinely care about their customers satisfaction and privacy.


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