OOTD: Goth days of Summer

This is almost certainly my favorite outfit I have posted here, worn for a day spent running errands.  I find that bright sunshiney days really make me want to break out my most black and/or spooky finery, and a nice outfit can make dull errands into a more entertaining shopping trip.  For instance, never before has anyone at the state store tried to sell me on a 60$ bottle of absinthe, especially when all I came in for was a 6$ half bottle of gold rum to make vanilla extract.  I have also never been carded before, so plus-minus.
This outfit all started when I discovered this enormous imitation jet ring at, of all places, Wet Seal, which turns out to have a surprising number of really cheap (in price, and sadly also quality) goth-able accessories.  I had always thought of them as a source for Califonria Beach Bum chic (you know, when I thought of them at all), but I bought this ring, dangley-chain necklace and giant floppy hat, along with a giant black flower hair clip, from them all for less than twenty bucks.  Of course I had to wear the hat at the first possible opportunity because my love of giant hats is vast.

Other outfit details
Top: Soma Intimates
Skirt: Rose Mortem
Fishnets: I have had these long enough to question whether anyone has ever had naturally occurring (rather than deliberate) torn fishnets and may have actually liberated them from my sister
Beads: Mark Christmas '09
Purse: Midoplhi through clobbaonline.com


Anonymous said...

OMG! Darling, you look divine! Very chic!!! And the hat adds a bit of dramatic flair.

Hugs from NYC!

Anonymous said...

PS: I like your new layout for this blog. :D

Spekkio said...

Your outfit - particularly the hat - reminds me of the Undertaker.


Sabayon said...

Mary - Thanks so much! I know you understand the importance of a dramatic hat.

Spekkio - Well, I can't say that's directly where I got my inspiration from, but he does have a very fine hat.

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Yes, the ring and hat are indeed perfect! Both are dramatic and elegant. I've had the same experience with Wet Seal: sometimes I find plentiful lovely things there and other times it looks like a totally different store. Skirt and bag in this outfit are amazing, too. A wonderful combination of so many perfect details!

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