OOTD: Dress Rehab

Normally I only post outfits that I really like.  I'm vain like that. . . Or maybe that's the point of fashion blogging, either way.  This time, however I am wondering if any of my lovely readers have a suggestion for this almost good outfit. Do you ever have an item that you don't wear forever for actually really good reasons, forget those really good reasons and see it in your closet and think "oh this is so cute, why don't I ever wear that"? Yeah, pretty much that.
I saw this dress in my closet and thought it would be perfect for a really hot day of the sort that precludes wearing most of the things I like: layered pieces, velvet or other heavy fabrics, petticoats (that one's particularly painful), or cardigans and other wraps.  But this is cute and 100% cotton, or so I was thinking.

You see the problem: heinous bra-strappage, which is indicative of the larger problem, that this dress  is just ready to slip right off the shoulder because the bodice is really, really loose.   Short of re-cutting and sewing the whole damn bodice, which I don't want to do, there is nothing I can see to do about the fit.  I am trying to decide if wearing a blouse under the dress would fix it.  That would ruin the oh-so-light summer-y-ness, but it's a really cute dress and the ribbon always reminds me of those traditional German dress the waitresses (wenches?) at Octoberfest wear and so I always think of it as more autumnal anyway.  I usually wear it with a cardigan, helping the bra strap but not the non-pictorially obvious cleavage preparing for world domination problem.

Outfit details
Dress: Handmade with wild and obviously flawed size extrapolation from one of the base patterns in Built by Wendy: Dresses
Headband: Target
Tights: Torrid
Bra (hey it's part of the outfit at this point): Cacique by Lane Bryant
Necklace: Gift shop from the Lucy exhibit at Houston Natural History Museum
Shoes: Crocs (I know, right).

Celebrated the end of my damage induced nail polish fast
 with Hello Kitty decals from Sephora 


KID, MD said...

You could always amp up the peasant blouse/bar wench look by gathering the neckline with elastic.

Sabayon said...

Hmmm, that could keep it from falling off, but would it be less low-cut? I actually kind of like the line of the neck, I just don't like the exposure.

KID, MD said...

True, it would raise the neckline as well. You could try applying elastic just to the sleeve area of the neckline, which might effect the height of the neckline less, but would probably still bring it up. If you have some of that pink-y fabric left you could add panels to fill in the shoulders. If you left the binding and bound the edges of the patch it might look like a design element rather than a fix, particularly is you embellished the seamline or something. Tricky.

Sal Kaye said...

Oh yes, it kind of has that Dirndl-feel to it! How cute!!! :)

My suggestion is using a neckholder or strapless bra. Or you could get lace/lacy straps which are wider than your bra straps and attach them to the dress (like straps). Add the same kind of lace to the waist/under the breast (beltlike?) or make a belt from it.

Sorry, it's hard to explain (my English isn't sufficent, I guess). Maybe this picture helps:

Sabayon said...

Ah, yes that would be very beer-wench-y indeed ;) and I am not sure there is a better way to describe that in English. I do have plenty of that fabric left and perhaps the best solution is just to add straps.

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