Fatspiration Friday: Rock! Party! Edition

First, Rock, with the ever fabulous Beth Ditto:

And Xelle (pronounced X-L, which I love way too much) brings us a party in a subway car:

PS: If anyone can tell me where the phrase "Rock! Party!" shouted by an androgynously voiced Japanese singer before the opening strains of a J-Rock song come from they will be my hero, because I have it stuck in my head, and until I can hear the rest of the song it will likely stay here.

PPS: I'll be doing the 30-day Lolita challenge on my tumblr, and may post a summary or two here, if anyone is interested in following along (be warned: I am kind of addicted to tumblr and post alor).


Sabayon said...

Oh for fuck's sake blogger, scheduling a post doesn't mean I want you to publish it now, but put a time-stamp for tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. I am always impressed with those that can write posts in advance and have patience to publish them at a later date.

Love the Beth Ditto song.

Sabayon said...

Well I really only have the patience for a regular weekly feature, otherwise I always publish immediately.

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