Outfits for Tea on the Veranda

After our discussion of iced tea yesterday, I wanted to make some co-ordinates inspired by the classic (even stereotypical) southern belle look.  Of course they are based around OP (one-piece) dresses because when sitting out doors in a Savanah summer you hardly want extra layers. Similarly I stuck with tights, usually patterned, rather than socks for cool-ness.

For this first one I started with the idea of Shiro for a sun-drenched land.  I think off-white and ivory are softer and maybe a bit more classic than stark white.  With a little deletion and some slightly less eccentric shoes I even think you could get away with it for your next DAR meeting.

Sipping Tea on the Veranda 1

Sipping Tea on the Veranda 1 by Sabayon featuring Vintage Chiffon OP
I really love this one and would wear it to bits (okay, a feather fan is a little much, and I require my shoes be lower to the ground).

This one is inspired by the old-school sweet look.  For this I thought "What would Momoko wear to the Methodist Missionary Society's Ladies' Tea?"* Upon reflection I think the tights are a bit off.
Sipping Tea on the Veranda 2

Sipping Tea on the Veranda 2 by Sabayon featuring Stripe Lace Ribbon Dress
I actually love this dress (the lace!  so much yet so tasteful!) so much so I have to remind myself how stupid I look in this color (it's just too close to my skin-tone, which is a dead match for Capezio European Pink, I need my pinks darker, more dusky, or bolder) .  

This collection wouldn't be complete without a co-ord for the slatternly fading Southern Belle (for reference, see any Tennessee Williams play).  It is a bit less modest and pushes the bounds of good taste just a bit.  She wears black, no doubt to mourn her innocence, thrown away on a man who is, upon reflection, obviously a closet case. I paired the black with ivory, both because I feel it is a sadly under-used pairing and because I feel black and white is a bit more youthful, and this a bit more "faded" and antique looking.
A Splash of bourbon in your tea

A Splash of bourbon in your tea by Sabayon featuring Firefly Bourbon
This is my favorite co-ord of the set.  I, not being a slattern, would pair it with a nice ivory silk blouse or lace bolero.

So what do y'all think?  I am just in love with polyvore for its ability to let me try out new outfits, even extravagant ones, without having to fork over the cash for every little bit first.

*Although obviously to be accurate it would need to all be Baby 

PS: My posting schedule will not  continue like this.  I had an unexpected day off yesterday and got a lot done.


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