OOTD-Black and White

Going forward I am going to try to do an outfit of the day post about once a week.  I have just been distracted by all the many things I have been wanting to write about for awhile that this got shunted to the wayside.  I have also been learning to take better outfit snaps thanks tho these awesome tutorials from Iron Cage Skirt.  I am not saying my work is up to the standard of that blog at all, but these are certainly better than earlier photos I have done.

Today was a beautiful day.  Unlike the last few weeks when the highs have been pushing 90*, the high today would be a blessed 74, combined with the fact that I don't have work or class that means I wear whatever I want. No matter how slightly en-hottening or unprofessional. I will save a longer discussion of professional dressing in the academic library world for another post, but suffice it to say, I am allowed to dress pretty weirdly, but as an intern very imminently entering the job market I try to dress in such a way that, when called for a recommendation, my boss will talk about my work and reliability and forget to mention anything about how I dress kinds weird because it isn't that notable. This is just a few steps removed from that.
Falling out of an attempted balletic pose.  Damn long timer

Since it was cool I finally had the chance to try on my new knee socks from Target.  I have had issues before with finding knee socks that fit around my thick footballer calves**, but Target socks aways seem to be fit-able.  I have a pair of ostensible OTK socks that come slightly over the bottom of my knees reliably so I bought up a few pairs of knee socks last time I was in Target.  The punky Hello Kitty socks I wanted to wear didn't even pretend to work, which I mostly expected since they were intarsia and that isn't really limits stretch, but the solid and stripey ones worked.  Although I have to note that my calves are the same circumference, but one of these socks went up to my knee and the other was about 2 inches shy, which I consider okay but wtf?

Outfit Details:
Skirt, Socks: Target
Blouse: Milanoo***
Choker: 3/4 yd. of lace from the Golden D'Or, a skeezy but amazing fabric store in Dallas
Earrings: Baby Loves Pink
Ballet-lacing over-socks: Victorian Trading Company
Purse: Goodwill
Headbows: Handmade
And here's a random picture of the flowers I bought from the selection of cheap bouquets at Trader Joe's, pretty nice for 4$, eh?

*For reference I lose the ability to do anything besides sip ice tea in front of the air conditioner at 85
** This is my polite way of saying the people who write sizing guidelines for Sock Dreams are a bunch of lying whores, but I keep trying to order from them anyway.
*** I ordered it before I had read much of their shady reputation.  My assessment based on reading several accounts is that they farm out the manufacture of their garments to multiple shops, some of which produce decent quality and some of which don't.  I think this is reason enough to avoid them in the future (because how can you tell what you'll get), but the blouses I did buy from them are pretty decent, a bit too tight and otherwise more off-the-rack fitting considering I had them custom made, otherwise reasonably good.


Tenebris In Lux said...

The flowers ARE a good deal! Lovely outfit: no worries, I suck at ballet too!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

This outfit is absolutely adorable!! Coincidentally, I have the same lace-up stocking thingies, and I just pre-scheduled a post featuring them yesterday (it launches on Friday). Fashionable minds think alike! ;)

Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion

Sal Kaye said...

That ballet-lacing looks fantastic!
Totally love your black & white outfit. actually, you've just inspired me to try something similar for my "new" job... (if you don't mind?). I have a white skirt somewhere...

Sabayon said...

Tenebris -- Thanks! I am very into the random cheap bouquets at TJ's these days [accidental rhyme]

VictorianKitty - Neat! I look forward to seeing how you wear them.

Sal Kaye -- Of course I don't mind. I am completely flattered to be an inspiration.

Sarahbelle said...

except for the earrings I LOVE this outfit!!
I can't quite say why I find the earrings off -- maybe giant Pigeon's Blood Rubies instead??

Sabayon said...

Well my birthday is coming up and I wouldn't presume to tell you how to spend your money. If you really think I need pigeon's-blood rubies...

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