Red and Black Week

I just discovered the blog Sophistique Noir and am completely in love with it for verily is it full of elegant, tasteful goth-y outfits.  VictorianKitty's work-wear is an inspiration to all of us who like to dress weird, but not nearly so much as we like to keep out jobs and not lose career opportunities.

The result of all this blog-love is that I decided to participate in Red and Black week, click the icon to the left to find more.  Since red is not a color I have much of in my personal wardrobe I made some polyvore coordinates instead of an outfit post.  Since this is for a goth blog-around I am amping up the gothiness beyond what I am calling blogular average, thus will you see a top hat (actually, I need that top hat), stripy tights, and an honest to god Victorian mourning parasol. I am thinking of doing a red and black makeup tutorial (classic '50's red lips with black eyeliner) as this is something I do all the time and I haven't done a makeup tutorial in forever.  I'll see if I have time.

For this first outfit I went with an elegant, opulent mood and a slightly more Victorian feel, thus does it have a bustle skirt and frilly blouse.  This also highlights what thinking outside the lolita box can do for a plus-sized lolita wardrobe.  The blouse is from Clockwork Couture, a steampunk shop with a lot of lolita potential, especially in the blouse and accessory departments.  Many goth and steampunk labels have stuff that makes nice additions to a lolita wardrobe and they tend to be a lot more size friendly.  Anyway, end of lecture.  I want that corset with a fierceness.

For the second outfit I wanted to contrast with a more casual, even punk-y feel.  I also wanted to demonstrate using a brand accessory with an exclusive print in a coordinated outfit that does not otherwise include the print, as exclusive-print-lust has been known to drive even the most sanguine plus-sized lolita mad with frothy rage (or worse, despair) at brands that only produce dresses in one size.  Also how could I resist incorporating A+P's Vampire Graveyard for this particular event.  I just couldn't.

PS: If you saw this post before there was text, sorry about that.  I really must straighten out the difference between "save draft" and "publish post"


Sal Kaye said...

Would love it if you did that black & red make-up tutorial! :)

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Hi there! Thank you for joining in Red & Black Week! The polyvores are an excellent idea for those lacking red in their wardrobes. I really love the outfits you came up with! Especially the first one, as I have a predisposition toward Neo-Victorian wardrobe elements.

I'd love to see the classic 50s make-up tutorial, too! And it would definitely be appropriate for Red & Black Week.

Sophistique Noir - It's Red & Black Week!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

PS: Thank you for your kind words about my blog!! You made my day. :)

Sada said...

I am in absolute love with the shoes, the hat & the parasol from the first photo--and the skirt...oh wait...i love it all. Excellent montage for Red & Black Week! The second photo speaks to me as well. I like all the red! I need more red!! Great post and love your writing style.

Sabayon said...

Sal, I guess I'll have to do that XD. I hope you enjoy!

VictorianKitty, yes I lean much more towards the neo-Victorian myself, but I think a definite part of the fun of polyvore is getting to freely play with a style that I don't actually own much of.

Sada, Thanks! It's really a shame that the Met probably wouldn't lend me that parasol no matter how much it matched my outfit.

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