Take Back Halloween!

So, I am sure most all of you have your Halloween costumes sorted by now, but I found this great costume resource and project that I couldn't help but share.  It is called Take Back Halloween! and offers suggestions and how to guides for making amazing costumes based on various goddesses, queens, and notable women.  Their point is that Halloween costumes for grown up women in stores tend to be pretty exclusively limited to Sexy Whatever, and while sexy is fun and good if you feel like it, that shouldn't be the sum total of Halloween costume options for ladies.  I would also point out that the version of sexiness offered up by mainstream costume shops is pretty limited and ludicrous.  There is a whole lot more to being sexy than showing as much of your breasts as possible and it's kind of a shame that this doesn't have wider cultural acknowledgement.  Also, Sexy Takeaway box? Sexy Crayon?  How about, if you want to dress in a sexy costume don't go as a crayon, can we make that rule?  Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, so Take Back Halloween has great ideas.  Here are some of my favorites:

Persephone, they even tell you where to get black roses with skulls inside, which I think I just need in general.

Pele, because what's more badass than a volcano goddess.  I also think I need those pants in general.

Josephine Baker who is fantastically glamorous and beautiful (and pretty sexy in a non-cheesy-porno kind of way).
Boudicca! Because there is no amount of fake blood that is not appropriate for this costume.

So what are you all dressing as for Halloween?  I am currently thinking of some sort of gothy Miss Fizzle, but I actually have left my costume planning to the last minute and may have to fall back on Generic Witch, since everything I need for that is already in my normal wardrobe.


Spekkio said...

First: That "sexy Chinese takeout" costume is horrible. I mean, it's really, really stupid.

Second: "Take Back" is a neat site. I was shocked that I didn't see a listing for Countess Elizabeth Bathory - the "Blood Countess." I would think dressing as her would be perfect for folks who want to dress like vampires without so much emphasis on being sexy.

Third: Maybe I'm asking too much, but I think their recipe for Pallas Athena needs work. I'm a huge fan of hers, and theirs looks a little too feminine. Maybe my view has been colored by her portrayal in Marvel Comics - I see her as wearing armor, not a dress. And ideally, her shield (or cloak, or breastplate - depending on which you prefer) would have Medusa's head on it.

Sal Kaye said...

I discovered that site a couple of days ago, too. Love those costumes.

Well, since I'll be working on Halloween I'll only wear my new skull scarf and a random work-outfit.

Anonymous said...

I'm going as Sherlock! Although I quite like the Boudicca idea too now. Hmm.
And to Spekkio, of course Athena would be in a dress, that was what people wore then. In the earliest paintings of her, she is wearing a 'dress', has a spear and a shield.. In slightly more classical she has a helmet, but again no armour. And at the bottom it says 'If you know your Athena iconography, you know our costume is missing something: the Medusa head on Athena’s breastplate.'

Sabayon said...

Spekkio - Countess Bathory would be a great costume, and should get more press in general. I think what makes Athena an interesting Goddess is that she has many aspects, from very fierce warrior to stately philosopher so i think any costume along that spectrum works, although the fierce warrior side may be more fun.

Sal - It is always slightly disappointing when Halloween is on a Monday or such. At least it is a good opportunity to goth it up at work ;)

Anonymous - Neat! A good Sherlock costume definitely sounds fun.

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