OOTD: Some Days...

I did way too much procrastinating this semester and got caught up in some paper writing and test prep emergencies this past week. I managed to get dressed (and co-ordinated!) on Wednesday in enough time to take pictures, but am I just now posting them.  This outfit is all about my boss new Moriar-Tea tee. I have a minor obsession with the BBC series "Sherlock" and a major obsession with tea so I was powerless to resist. I had a massive Sherlock Holmes phase in about fourth grade (between my Little House on the Prarie and 19th Century 800 page French novel phases) and this is a pretty great modern adaptation.  Of course I miss the completely non-sequitar anti-mormon rant dropped unawares into the middle of the plot of "A Study in Scarlet", but I guess that would make even less sense in a modern setting.  Anyway, about the outfit.  I like casual t-shirts with frilly skirts and lacy cardigans or similar.  I am still not sure about the stripy socks with the floral skirt, but I think I like it.  It's slightly off-kilter, but so am I sometimes. I have a purple sub-theme that I couldn't bring out in the photos with the most amazing black-purple eye-shadow and purple sugar skull earrings.  I am most pleased with my ridiculous teacup pendant though.
Outfit Details
Shirt: Qwertee
Cardigan: Torrid
Skirt: hand-made
Socks: Sock-it-to-me Curvy
Pendant: Baby Loves Pink


Tante Fledermaus said...

I'll mix a striped sock with just about any outfit.

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Ha! That is awesome. And bonus points for matching your pendant to the t-shirt theme! :-D I just added Sherlock: Series 1 to my Netflix instant queue. Looks like it will be a fun take on an old favorite. Thanks for mentioning it!

MzGoth said...

Love the skirt!

Sabayon said...

Tante: It's true, stripey socks are nearly always appropriate.

VictorianKitty: I do enjoy slightly kitschy matching of things.

MzGoth: Thanks! It is kind of a strange weight so I don't wear it that much but it is fun

Anonymous said...

I love the striped socks with the floral print. And I'm with Victorian Kitty-- I'm adding Sherlock to my Netflix queue (I too went through a Little House on the Prairie phase (I think I just liked the goth loli fashion)).

Sabayon said...

I actually never saw the little house on the prairie show (I think I watched one episode and had a fit of that's-not-how-it-was-in-the-book-itis), but I read all the novels over and over freom about 2nd-4th grade. I could probably still find the shelf they were on the San Antonio public library.

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