OOTD: Very Pink

As soon as I saw this sweater on the (virtual*) clearance rack last year I knew I had to have it. The color name: Parton Pink.  Dolly Parton and Miss Piggy were pretty much my original style icons, and I will always admire their uncompromising confidence and panache.  Altogether I think it is a good color to be named after Dolly Parton, it is a really full bleed PINK sort of pink, not at all baby-ish, or shocking neon, assertive but strangely orthodox.
I want to get new buttons for the sweater, the pearly shell ones it came with are boring.  I am thinking small jet beads would be perfect.
I also discovered that these socks match almost exactly.  I just realized this despite having both for nearly a year, anyway... I wore them with lace leggings, which combined powers to be surprising warm. Perfect for an afternoon spent failing to get Vietnamese vegan cult buffet (cultists have no work ethic) on a brisk fall day.

Outfit Details
Sweater: Old Navy online
Leggings: Jessica London
Dress: Target, years ago
Jewelry: Target, this season
Socks: handmade

*Old Navy only sells plus sizes online.  I mean, they can't have fat people actually showing up in the store, obvs.  They have free returns shipping so sometimes I like to order things in like four sizes, you know, to try on.  Too bad I couldn't just go to the store...


Jamie said...

Wow, that's a fantastic outfit-I love the necklace especially! That sucks about Old Navy, I had never realized that they did that since I've only been in their store once or twice. If I was them, I would be honored to have anyone as beautiful and stylish as you shopping at my store. Stupid fatophobes-here's hoping they change that policy posthaste!

MzGoth said...

Love pink and black together! Looks great on you!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

I love all shades of pink, but this one is pretty much my favorite. Yes, jet buttons would make a wonderful difference! I adore the socks. What a lucky match. :)

Bane said...

Old Navy only sells tall sizes online as well. Apparently one must fall within acceptable size parameters to shop in the store. :P The Parton Pink is great, and I agree jet buttons would be perfect. Lovely outfit!

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

Gorgeous outfit, I think the pink is lovely against your skin tone. That necklace is an awesome touch! I also love the braids in your hair with this look, it's really fun!

Sabayon said...

Jamie - Thanks so much! I hope so too.

Mz Goth - Pink and black is indeed one of my favorite color and black combinations.

VictorianKitty - Well having your ever fashionable approval on the jet buttons plan definitely seals the deal :)

Bane - Weird, They used to have tall sizes in stores (as recently as ten years ago, so...) I wonder why they decided to change that.

Phantom Cat - Thanks! I think the necklace is my favorite acquisition from this Halloween.

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