OOTD: The First Velvet of Fall

It is finally, properly Fall and time for all the wonderful fall clothes.  I am sure all seasons have their virtues: winter has Christmas and plenty of excuses to curl up with a good book and hot cider, spring has lovely weather and asparagus, summer.....is technically necessary for agricultural production, but Fall is definitely the best.  The past weekend was truly chilly in Pittsburgh and I finally got to wear my new shawl, which I finished about three weeks ago and have since been checking weather forecasts trying to decide if it is finally cold enough to wear.  On Saturday I went out to dinner and a cheesy movie with friends, including several knitting buddies, and this was pretty much the perfect moment for shawl deployment.  It was also perfect for wearing some velvet things I bought over summer in clearance sales.  The muff turned out to be profoundly useless, but I am not sure how I have lived this far in life without a velvet bonnet.  It is the perfect head-wear!  It is warm ans pretty and doesn't interfere with my hair-do.  Perfect, I say!  The dress, like the other I have bought from avenue is just weirdly matronly.  Without the belt it is obviously kind of huge and shapeless, even though based on the size chart I would have expected it to be small-ish.

Outfit Details
Dress: Avenue
Shawl: Hand-made
Bonnet and Muff set: Victorian Trading Company
Socks: Sock Dreams, house brand

Yes, I bought the socks just to match the shawl, over-all the outfit is very matchy-matchy, but I like that.
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Bane said...

"summer.....is technically necessary for agricultural production"
Ha ha ha! This is awesome.

Nice work on the shawl! And I love your matchy-matchy velvet 'n red stripes outfit. :D

Anonymous said...

OMG! You look FABULOUS!!! VELVET! VELVET! WAHOOOOOO!!!! And can we talk about the stripes? Seriously, you rock big time.

Tenebris In Lux said...

Wow wow wow -- I love everything about that outfit!

Sal Kaye said...

Stripey and witchy - sooo cool!
Is there a pattern for the shawl somewhere?

Sabayon said...

Wow, thanks everyone for the very nice comments!
Sal, there is sort of a pattern here:http://varinascostume.blogspot.com/2011/09/shawl-of-hugeness.html but as you can see, it's sort of mostly made up

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Awesome use of velvet!! I think the dress is great, and not matronly at all with the belt. Accessorizing with the stripes is brilliant! I love that the socks and shawl are such a perfect match.

Sarahbelle said...

Great ensemble!!!

I love the bonnet, but would the Peony Hat have worked with this outfit???

I also love the socks!! sort of Pippi Longstocking-meets- The Wicked Witch of the West.

Kamyria Magdalena Mourn said...

You look fabulous! I love the stripes and the color combo is brilliant! :)

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