OOTD: The Symphony

This Sunday I was lucky enough to get to see a fantastic performance of the Pittsburgh Symphony and the Eroica Trio (for free, no less).  They preformed Beethoven's 3rd symphony, which marked Beethoven's shift from away the classical school and towards the romantic.  While not my absolute favorite, it is definitely up there, and it was beautifully preformed.  Besides their skill, the other great thing about the Pittsburgh symphony is that they preform in Heinz Hall, a fantastically opulent 20's era movie theater turned concert hall that has been recently restored, with all the gilt and thick red velvet you could want.
I was going to a matinee, but still wanted to dress up a bit.  In general Pittsburgh is a casual town, but it is also pretty old fashioned.  If you are going to the opera or symphony in the evening you will probably see at least a few men in tuxes and ladies in evening gowns, but for a matinee it's more on the order of "Sunday best".
 I find I am getting a huge amount of wear out of this camisole.  The lace insert adds a touch of elegance, without being over the top.  Of course it requires some cardigan or similar to go over it and I went with the lacy teal one for a bit of color, and also because it matches my new sugar skull earring which I am kind of over-fond of.  It was a bit cold for lacy tights on Sunday, but sometimes one must suffer for style, and it made a good excuse to stop in for a post-concert chai before going to wait for the bus.

Outfit Details
Shrug: Handmade, Liesel
Camisole: Soma intimates
Skirt: Igigi
Tights: Torrid

Earrings: Loungefly
Necklace: underground (literally, not as in illicit) pearl market in Shanghai
Eyes: Pan-Galactically Banned Ale shadow by Geek Chic Cosmetics, and L'Oreal HIP cream eyeliner in black
Lips: Bordeaux lipstick by Rimmel


The Irish Phantom Cat said...

What a gorgeous outfit! It's really classy and best of all includes teal which is once of my favourite colours. Your make-up is lovely, the colourful eye and strong lip make a lovely combo. Sounds like a lovely afternoon, if I listen to classical I love a bit of Bach or Prokofiev. :)

Sabayon said...

Ah, I love Prokofiev, and a lot of the old Russian composers. Thanks for the lovely comment!

Sarahbelle said...

Oh! wonderful outfit -- really wonderful!!!
Perfectly proper wear for any locale, IMHO!!!

GothBarbie said...

Really lovely look! That teal shrug is so pretty - I'm going to have to try and make one for myself! You look BEAUTIFUL!

Sabayon said...

Sarahbelle - I don't know. I think I'd dress up a bit more if I was going to meet the queen or something.

GothBarbie - Thanks so much! It was a pretty simple knit, but fun.

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