OOTD: Christmas

Of course I believe few enough things, but one thing is sure, that you can't open Christmas presents in anything but pajamas.  That would be wrong.  I even have a special Christmas morning shirt:

However, this Christmas being a Sunday, I did have to get properly dressed for church and all.
Slightly lousy picture, but I couldn't figure out the lighting in a new location. Anyway, at church I seemed to catch a fairly surprising amount of hostility. I slipped out to the bathroom in the middle of services between musical numbers and was given a couple of full body scans and scowls from the women standing in the back with irritated children. My sister goes to a Mormon church, but I was raised Mormon and am fully able to dress myself appropriately for church (and I had the shawl fully covering my shoulder actually in church).  I don't know if standards have changed or if hopeless spinsters like myself are expected to be more mild and, I don't know, pastel.  Perhaps the rumors we always heard about Utah mormons being more cliquish and judgy than the rest of the world, but that seems a little unfair of me to conclude with so little data.  Oh well, I think I was fabulous.

Of course I had loud bright green eyeshadow (which lots almost subtle in this picture compared to the real-life equivalent) and red lipstick.

Outfit details:
Dress: Target, a million years ago
Shawl: shady-looking Pashmina market outside the West Nanjing Road metro station in Shanghai
Shoes: Target, this season
Jewelry: Art of Adornment
Lipstick: Revlon, Certainly Red
Eyeshadow: Shiro cosmetics: Link around eye and in crease, Bulbasaur below crease, and Outright Fabrication (white with subtle but fun specks of red glitter) above.

Anyway, have a happy New Year!  I have exciting plans involving a bottle of Cupcake Vineyards Prosseco and a large bowl of shrimp and grits


Sal Kaye said...

I don't see anything wrong with your outfit. In fact, I think it's beautiful and very festive. Don't worry about that woman. Maybe she was just jealous.

Tante Fledermaus said...

A Mormon friend of mine complains about that very thing- if you're not in the Popular Club, they throw shade. Fooey on them, you look marvelous. You remind me of a ballerina.

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Some religious people feel they have to be judgmental, like they get points for it or something. You look gorgeous. Love the jewelry, especially!!

Sarahbelle said...

The pictures (especially the face close-up) do not do her, or the outfit, justice. She looked wonderful! The clothes were perfectly modest, even by the strictest Mormon standards. some people!

VictorianKitty: you are so right! I do not understand how religious types can be so extremely well-versed in every Biblical scripture that points to the misdeeds of others, but have somehow missed the verse where Christ admonished, "Judge not." (BTW: it's Matt: ch. 7, vs. 1)

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