I just* got back from Christmas in Salt Lake City.  It was mostly a good time.  There were pretty mountains
Mt. Olympus, which is apparently in Utah.  No word on what the Greek gods think about that.

and pretty lights:

It might have even been the perfect trip except, as happens nearly every time we visit my sister, everyone came down with some horrible illness contracted fro the small people:
The Plague rats enjoy their Christmas carnage.

*for certain quantities of "just"


Tante Fledermaus said...

I work with Plague Rats. Every year, they destroy me. This year, I've taken to drinking my Magic Cocktail when I feel it starting to overtake me- damned if I'm not pretty healthy.
Two fingers of whiskey
Juice of a lemon
Spoonful of honey
As much grated ginger as you can stand.
Mix it up, drop it down, and go to bed. It's like napalming the germs.

Sabayon said...

That sounds like an excellent remedy!

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