OOTD: From the Archives

I was looking through photos when I noticed this outfit, which I wore, oh sometime in mid-november and never got around to posting.

This sweater was not meant to be cropped, and I kind of don't understand why it is, but I decided I really like it.  It looks a bit strange left open though, and once closed I realized it opened at the top in almost the exact shape/space of a lace insert on the top of this cami.  

Since I have always loved the look of green with purple I decided to stifle my tendancy to do incredibly matchy-matchy makeup and use purple in my makeup.

Outfit Details
Cami and tights: Torrid
Skirt: In the Starlight
Sweater: Handmade
Pin: Jujube Pins
Earrings: Art of Adornment
Lipstick: Sephora
Eyeshadow: Geek Chic Cosmetics, "Ambassador"


Bane said...

I like green with purple. My eye color is very similar to yours, and I have always preferred wearing purple eyeshadow. Those earrings are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Makeup is flawless as usual. I was a very similar skirt today. Twinkies.

Jamie said...

Ooh, the green and purple combo is gorgeous, and I love the textural play between the sweater and the lace fishnets-too cute!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are well; miss your posts.

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