OOTD: This is Halloween!

One of the best things about Halloween is getting to dress much more spookily for work without getting any funny looks.  I wore my pastoral skeleton skirt, which is so wonderfully subtle.  I love wearing it and watching people's reactions once they realize that those are skeletons.

I tried to replicate this subtle spider web eyeliner pattern but had not practiced it and my eyeliner is drying out and has been a bit chunky so I ended up smearing it and covering with black-purple eyeshadow.  I also wore my favorite spider necklace and bat earrings.
I did my nails were done with half a set by OPI and a generic black crackle polish (I found a set with the black polish already stolen out of it and talked the manager into giving me the other polish for 2$ as it was basically un-sellable) made to give a vaguely zombie-ish look with translucent jade green peeking out from cracked black.

I had a fairly long day of work and class, and in fact was barely home before trick or treaters started coming around.  I had vague plans for a generic witch costume, but discovered too late that my witch hat was missing.  I was able to convince one girl that it was a hat made of sky, but that's because she was awesome and dressed as Coraline.  Needless to say she left my porch with candy, her very own copy of Coraline (she had been borrowing the school library's over and over) and a list of further reading, because I am a sucker.
So really, I just threw on a ruffly cuffed shirt and corset on and called it good enough for the inevitably tiny number of kids that actually came.


Electrobat said...

I adore that fabric! It's been on my wishlist for a while. I've always said that I would love to see a spooky toile and Alexander Henry made it so!

Sarahbelle said...

You are not a sucker -- you are sweet to give a book to an avid reader for Halloween, and that is why we love you.

Seriously adore the corset!!!! From whence did it come???

Aristocratic Elegance said...

The skirt is pretty amazing, as is the corset! I like that type of toile fabric anyways, but the fact that there are skeletons in it makes it even cooler.

Sabayon said...

Electrobat: I can definitely recommend getting it. In addition to being a great print, the quality of the fabric is really amazing. It is soft and hardly shrank at all in the wash.

Sarahbelle: Well, you know I remember being a kid with hardly any books of my own. The corset came from an online shop called Corset Story which sells real steel-boned corsets for 60-80 dollars. I was somewhat dubious but the quality is pretty good.

Aristocratic Elegance: Yes, I really love toiles in general, but the spooky factor of this one makes it more interesting.

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