Naked November: Makeup and Sensitive Skin care

I am going to get all sorts of interesting search engine hits off of this I can tell already.

This month the fabulous Professeur Gothique gave out a homework assignment for us all to show off our unmade-up faces to the internetz.  By crazy random happenstance the very day she announced this was  the one where, inspired by her previous post on makeup removal and Ultimate Goth Guide's Amy's post on getting ready, I shot a crazy amount of pictures doing and then taking off my makeup.  I have a real homework assignment that required me to edit together a video composed of images, so I used this as practice.

This shows my sort of standard makeup look for work.  I vary what particular shades I use almost every day, although it is purple of green a lot, and yes, I do have 5 different eye-shadow brushes.

My skincare routine is pretty unorthodox, but also really cheap.  I have extremely sensitive skin and I used to have moderately bad acne.  After years of experimentation I learned that the less I messed with my skin the less and less acne I had.  Now I get maybe 1-2 zits a month (of course both when I was shooting this video) and my acne scars are starting to heal.  It's all about gentle care.  I use nothing to clean my skin but water (I like the rosewater as it smells nice and I spend 3$ every 2 month or so on it, so that seems worth it) and a microfiber cloth, and use pure oil on damp skin as a moisturizer.  The kind I use, kuki nut oil is non-comedegenic, rich in vitamin e and folklorically considered to have
My outfit for the day.  It was a
school not work day.
skin healing properties yet to be confirmed or denied by empirical evidence but it seems to be working for me.  I use a tiny amount and have had the same 8 ounce bottle for over a year (kept in the fridge).  I use light flavored olive oil to remove my eye makeup.  It dissolves pretty much everything and seems to be good for my lashes and eyebrows.  I do not keep this in the fridge as olive oil hardens at lower temperatures, but use it fast enough to not matter.  The only skin care product I use that couldn't be an ingredient in a zesty salad dressing is sunscreen because it is really important.  I normally buy Clinique city Block SPF 25 as the SPF 40 has some chemical sunscreens and the SPF 25 is only titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.  I accidentally grabbed the wrong tube when shopping in the Clinique kiosk in the airport.  I only use quality mineral foundation for similar reasons.  I is a bit pricey, at least compared to drugstore stuff, but it also lasts longer.  After "mineral makeup" became a huge fad a bunch of cheap knock-offs made mostly of talc (which is a mineral, but not one that is good for your face) flooded the market.  Avoid these.  You should expect to pay at least 20$ for 1/4 of an ounce.  I can be less strict with what I use on my eyes.  So that's good, because I enjoy some pretty crazy eye-makeup.


VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

lol - I was thinking the exact same thing (about the search engine hits) when I was composing my post. A bunch of perverts are going to be very disappointed that only our faces are naked. ;)

Your take on this theme is awesome; it's almost a time-lapse effect. And you look lovely every step of the way!

Why is this the first time I've heart of kuki nut oil? I am intrigued, as I've always had an interest in natural skin care (and a lifelong struggle with acne, as well, although it's not so bad now as it was in my 20s). I LOVE olive oil and coconut oil for makeup removal. Commercial makeup removers NEVER touch my skin!

Bane said...

Awesome video! Your skincare routine is working beautifully for you. And I'm still snickering over the "zesty salad dressing." :D

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! It must be that great minds think alike? Serendipity? Chance? Who knows! What matters is that this is a fantastic post and great job on the video streaming. I'm glad that I could help you practice. I agree with Bane -- "zesty salad dressing!" hehehehe .... Thanks for participating.

Sarahbelle said...

I thought I had really scaled down my skin care routine (Neutrogena, Evian mist, EA Ceramides by day; Purity Made Simple, Evian mist, Retin-A by night), but your is really simple!!!
And: your skin had never looked better!!!!
Which mineral foundation are you using these days??

Sal Kaye said...

"I learned that the less I messed with my skin the less and less acne I had"

Yep, same here! My skin looked awful when I tried to fight the acne with all those "treatments".
Now, since I learned "less is more" my skin has recovered very well. Although it still has problem areas.

Unfortunately, I can't watch the video here in Germany (at least that's what I'm told whenever I try to start it).

Jamie said...

You look gorgeous-I can't believe you ever had bad skin! Thank you for your great advice and lovely video.

Tante Fledermaus said...

Have you tried powder sunscreen? It's the only thing I'll use on my face, and I'm outside all day long. It's not cheap, but it works, and it has no liquidy carriers that clog pores and smell funny.

Electrobat said...

Your skin is amazing, I would never have known you had acne. Less really is more when it comes to skin care. I have toned down my routine - I was addicted to exfoliation - but I still use a ton of stuff. (Also I may have to add that fabric your skirt is made of to my wish list hee!)

Sabayon said...

Wow, I am so sorry to have taken this long to respond to all your lovely comments. I got lost in a sea of homework. Thanks everyone so much!

VictorianKitty - I think Kuki nut oil is only very lately started being used outside of Hawaii. I only stumbled upon it browsing the oils section in Moutain Rose Herbs (a great online source for such things)

Le Professeur Gothique - Thanks for hosting such a fun blog event!

Sarahbelle - Currently I use Alima most days.

Sal - That's weird and annoying. I have checked the settings and can't figure any reason why it shouldn't play in Germany. Sorry

Tante Fledermaus - I haven't yet tried powdered sunscreens. They sound great but are really pricey.

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