OOTD: Darkly Purple

I have an online class this semester (yes, I hate them, but it was only offered online) and the way those work at my school is that once a semester everyone meets in person for class.  Of course this in person session was scheduled right in the middle of one of my normal workdays.  I decided to off-set the annoyance of this hectic day by wearing a fun outfit.  I generally don't wear this skirt to work as the lace tails tend to get tangled in the wheels of my office chairs.
The short sleeves at this time of year are courtesy of my work building's ridiculous over heating.  I hate over heating so, so much.  I think it is totally reasonable to expect to wear a sweater or other warmer clothing indoors during winter and do not know why so many places heat their building to 70+ degrees.  I personally keep my apartment below 60, and it's fine.  I have sweaters!  I understand public buildings need to accommodate people of varying heat tolerances, but wouldn't 65 be totally reasonable? Not only does it waste so much energy but it makes getting dressed really annoying.  I can't wear sweaters or long underwear and such because I will be too hot inside, but that means being too cold outside.  It's ridiculous and a major pet peeve of mine.  I do, however, love this shirt and it is in constant rotation in my wardrobe.  I am kind of astounded it hasn't shown up here yet.
It perfectly matches my plum and black striped socks which are great and I love the stripey socks peeking out of the lace handkerchief hem.  They do, however, require sock glue to stay on, but that's not a huge burden.  I am also wearing my new purple lipstick, from Sephora #RA24 Bewitch Me, which may be my holy grail dark purple lipstick.
Outfit Details
Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Rose Mortem
Socks: Sock Dreams Extraordinary longer thigh highs
Boots: 20Twenty Vintage
Necklace: Things Celtic in Austin, TX
Earrings: Art of Adornment


Sal Kaye said...

This outfit is absolutely great! Love the colors, love the skirt, love the socks! The lipstick is georgeous, too.
They didn't (yet) have online-classes when I went to college. How do these work?

Bane said...

Fantastic outfit! And yes, I think that is the holy grail dark purple lipstick. It's perfect for you.

Overheated buildings frustrate me to the point of anger. Buildings should not be heated to 78 degrees to cater to the cold-natured people who insist on wearing sandals in the winter. I'm too hot even in t-shirts. I frequently go stand outside in the 35-degree weather to cool off. :(

Sabayon said...

Sal: They are kind of odd. In my school most classes are "blended" where most of the class meets in person in the school room and the lecture is recorded and then online students watch it. This one is odd in that it is all online, so the professor records lectures on a podcast and we listen to them. Assignments are turned in online and the professor sends us e-mails with feedback. There is discussion boards where we have to post several times a week to talk about the readings and the lectures. Some classes have open book tests online, but most just have the grade made up of projects and papers.

Bane: 78 Degrees!? That is awful. Most building here are 70-72. Of course, my desk at work is right next to the vent and it is an older building with massive hot and cold spots, so it may be that hot or hotter, but at least I only have to go the back stacks to cool off.

anarchist said...


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