OOTD: School days and Purple socks

We are finally getting fall-ish weather!  This outfit is from last week when it even got decidedly chilly for a bit there.  I always get kind of over-excited and start dressing for much colder weather than has yet arrived at this time of year, so I am trying to restrain myself.  My favorite part of Fall is being able to wear long socks again after months of stockings.  I bought these on Sock Dreams in the middle of summer because they were on sale and have been looking forward to wearing them ever since.  I have a very exciting life.  I also spent labor day weekend making my hair moar purple! (well, not the whole weekend) so now is the time for purple stripey socks.
Outfit Details
Dress: Target, years ago, with Malco Modes 580 petti
Cardigan: egl_comm_sales, and allegedly custom made
Necklace: Things Celtic, in Austin
Earrings: Target Halloween jewlery, this year

I found this photo was very Wednesday Adams, not just for the braided pigtails, although that is part of why I like braided pigtails, but because I seems to have a vague sense of ennui and weariness with the world.
Of course great bat 2$ earring mean I was not then experiencing such weariness, it's just really hard to take a picture of your own face without doing something weird.


Sal Kaye said...

Very cool Wednesday Addams-y outfit!
One more outfit of yours I want to copy! :)

Anonymous said...

This whole outfit makes me smile, especially the striped socks! You look absolutely adorable and make a darned good Wednesday! :D You're a student, of course you're filled with ennui and weariness.

Hugs from NYC!!!

Sabayon said...

Thanks , ladies! I have to say though, my Wednesday class is certainly one of my better ones this term, much less ennui than certain classes I won't name.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute ... you wore a Wednesday Addamsesque outfit to your Wednesday class?!? YAY! That's awesome.

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