Fatspiration Friday: Some Evil Witches

There has been some discussion (and much pearl-clutching) around the internet about the possibility of Disney releasing a movie with a fat Princess.  I think that would be cool and all (although I worry about the Disney Princess takeover of American girlhood), but I would argue that Disney has already released some pretty awesome fat lady characters...they're just evil witches

Of course the baddest and best dressed is Ursula.  In my mind the best thing about Ursula is that she claimed that men would like Ariel better if she couldn't speak, a statement meant to prove how evil and man-hating she was (except it turned out to be true, whoops).  What can I say, I like a good cynical bitch.
Disney Steampunk by Mechanique Fairy on DA
Now let's talk about Madam Mim (from The Sword in the Stone).  Certainly she is less glamorous, but she has a balls-out confidence (not to mention a wide streak of only the most whimsical evil) that can not be beat.  She can shape shift to look however she wants and goes through life in her own 3-ft-in-every-direction body
Also, she is sometimes a dragon so just don't mess with her okay.


Sal Kaye said...

Madame Mim was always my favorite. :)

Sabayon said...

Yes! I tried to go as cat-form Madam Mim one year for Halloween but I couldn't find the right color fur. Maybe I should look again

RidikulusSketch said...

I have always found that in movies that revolve around a princess it is the fat lady that is responsible for getting the princess where she needs to be. The Fairy Godmother got Cinderella to the ball, the 3 fairies got sleeping beauty into the woods ( where she met her prince charming ), The fat old lady in the swamp made sure Tiana lightened up, and Ursula , while evil, got that mermaid exactly where she needed to be- land! Even the Tea Pot that brought Beauty and her beast together, fat too.

I hope we do get our own princess, And that a fat woman still gets her where she needs to go.

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