I have never been much of a shoe person.  I think I have simple desires in shoes only to spend three weeks tracking down a pair that I like and that fits my (apparently) comically large size 11/42 feet.  The net result is that I have one pair each of: sneakers, mary janes, ballet flats, insensible heels, rain boots, and regular boots that get worn as called for until they die.  My desires for a pair of boots are that they are: real leather, black, matte-finish, slightly girly, pointy, low but some heel (ideal for bus-aisle surfing), and preferably Victorian/granny style.  For some reason everything in my size is either a combat-style boot* or teetering on a straight-up dominatrix heel.  I am six feet tall and simply do not wear 5-in heels, or if I do it is as a specific act of aggression. It was therefore with great trepidation that I started my quest to replace the boots that had gotten a giant hole in their sole last winter.  But then, something amazing happened.

I found my holy grail boot for an affordable price in my size!

I searched etsy not really expecting much when I found these perfect slightly elfin post-punk era black boots in my size at 20twenty Vintage (although, for the record, I object to things made in the '80's being considered vintage.  I was made in the 80's).  They have the perfect medium-wide base 1/2 inch heel that makes that cute little tip-tap noise, are really pointy yet comfortable in the toe area, made of buttery soft leather, and just freaking adorable.

and yes, they do need to be polished
Maybe soon I will find some pirate boots too!

*I know combat boots are sort of the goth boot ne plus ultra, and I dig them on other people, but I was an Army brat and like most of my kind often polished combat boots as a punishment. My dad wore knee-length jungle jump boots with narrow panels of netting that you absolutely can not get polish on, which are the worst.  There is nothing like associating a style with hard labor and getting told off to put you off it for life.


Tenebris In Lux said...

I don't think those boots need to be polished; they look charming as-is. ^^

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

lol! I love clever commentary as much as I love outfit pics. I'm giggling about your opinion of "80s vintage." Couldn't agree more, and I feel the same about the 70s. :)

Yes, these boots *are* freaking adorable! They suit you so perfectly (from what I've seen in your outfit posts). Combat boots are great as a classic Goth choice but I usually prefer something a bit more styled, and these definitely fit that bill.

Julianne said...

These are really cute, definitely elfin. 80s is retro. Not vintage. That's just the way it is :)

Sabayon said...

Tenebris - but proper boot maintenance is how I avoid having to shop for new ones!

VictorianKitty - Aw, I am awfully chuffed to hear you appreciate my sometimes meandering commentary.

Julianne - I even have trouble thinking of the '80's a retro. I always think of them as not very long ago or "that decade where all the really embarrassing pictures of older siblings come from".

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