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Currently I am in a phase where I am bored with all my normal hairstyles and want to learn more new ones.  It happens periodically, but I thought I should turn this impulse into something useful and share some of my favorite resources with all of you.

I am a very visual learner, especially for things I need to do, like hairstyles or crafts, so I have been spending a lot of time on youtube.  Here are some of my favorite channels, in order, from shortest to longest, of how long your hair has to be to do the average style on the channel.  For me a good channel for hair videos is one with clear instructions, decent image quality, interesting an varied styles, with styles that can be done on yourself and don't require a lot of product or heat styling, and that shows what the finished style looks at the beginning so you don't have to watch a nine-minute video and then discover you don't actually like how it looks.

Dolly-Tube: She creates beautiful unique styles, often incorporating interesting braids, and gives clear easy to follow instructions. I also find it charming how she calls her styles "hair ideas" which I think sort of demystifies the whole process of inventing your own hair styles "oh, this was just idea I had and so I messed around with it". I am actually currently wearing this style:
Loepsie: this channel features a good mix of contemporary/currently popular styles with historical or film-inspired looks.  She has also recently started a series of historical makeup tutorials.  The first one is about Ancient Egypt and if you can get over the lols of her describing what I would call weekday eyeliner "extreme" it's interesting and informative:
Arrow Oden is my favorite for styles that are more suited for everyday wear that are attractive but easy to learn and do.  I also find her speaking manner charming (although how much of that is my typically american tendency to think most non-chavvy English accents make a person seem more pleasant I don't know).
Finaly 4ypn0tica, has much, much longer hair than mine so I can't make a few of the styles she does (or they just look completely different), but when I can these are really my favorites.  They are clear and easy to follow, and generally have great music.  So mostly it is my more "aspirational" pick.

As far as non-Youtube resources
Rapunzel's Resource has lots of good, relatively easy styles and good instructions.
Ups and Downs is another favorite hair blog, focusing on historical styles.  She doesn't seem to be updating any more, but there is a pretty good sized archive to browse.
When you have a lot of time for browsing you can go through this ridiculously long list of hairstyle links.

I hope that is useful for some of y'all.  This is kind of a drive-by post, but I will be posting more soon.  I have been working on a major project that hopefully some of you will enjoy, but it will be under wraps until August, probably.

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Bane said...

This is useful indeed! Thanks! With the crazy summer heat, I'm in desperate need of ways to put my hair up.

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

Awesome post, I am often guilty of forgetting about my hair. These styles are particularly nice for summer :)

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

Also I tagged you for an award

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