OOTD: Casual Friday

I am still trying to get back into regular blogging after my unintentional hiatus.  I had gotten out of the habit of reading/seeing/buying/wearing something and thinking "my blog will hear about this" and am still trying to get back into that in order to have content and such.  I am also starting to get ready to move and all my normal photographing spots are a mess.  Anyway....

Since my office doesn't have a dress code at all we don't actually have casual Friday, but I've noticed everyone seems to informally observe one anyway.  Also, as today is Geek Pride day* it seemed like a good time for one of my work-appropriate geeky t-shirts.

 The skirt is one of a few pieces I got from the relatively new online plus-sized boutique Domino's Dollhouse.  If you haven't heard of them before I recommend checking them out.  The styles are generally pretty gothabilly and punk and some randoms, kind of reminiscent of early Torrid, however totally unlike torrid the clothes are well-made out of decent quality fabrics (I have seen way to many polyester a-line skirts going for 50$+ at Torrid. There is a lot of discussion about the advisability of wearing dark colors in summer, but synthetic fabrics are the real enemy).  I also recently got these grey and black striped tights (thigh highs, actually) which are really great subtle stripy tights.  I included the weirdly moody photo below just because it was the only one where the tights showed up.

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Think Geek
Skirt: Domino's Dollhouse
Tights: Foot Traffic brand via Sock Dreams

I also wore my new favorite hairstyle: a dutch-braid bun.  It makes it look like I have a huge amount of hair and is classic looking but still interesting.

*the combined holiday commemorating Towel Day, the Glorious 25 May, and the release of Star Wars and celebration of all things geeky.  Towel Day may be my favorite but I have yet to figure out how to visibly incorporate a towel into a work appropriate outfit, so that's strictly after hours.
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Anonymous said...

HEY! Welcome back sweetie! Gosh I missed you!!! *pounce* (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

Love your hair!

Sabayon said...

Thanks, y'all!

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